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Sports Injuries

We are constantly being encouraged to take up regular exercise in order to maintain healthy lifestyles. As a result, an increasing number of people are participating in sport and recreational activities. Unfortunately, any form of physical exercise carries a certain risk of injury. This is especially so in individuals who are not adequately prepared and in those who are competitive and occasionally, push themselves beyond their physical capabilities.

sports injuries

Our clinicians are highly experienced in dealing with sports injuries and have worked extensively with elite competitors. As a result, they are sympathetic to the frustrations and difficulties associated with a sports related complaint and have the specific skills, experience and knowledge to develop relevant treatment and rehabilitation programmes.

Our Sports Injury Treatment Process

The '6D' philosophy is integral to first4physio's clinical pathway and is a key principle
of the care you receive, ensuring maximum benefit from intervention.

Patient books appointment
Detailed history taking & comprehensive assessment
Diagnosis based on history and clinical evaluation
Develop individual treatment plan with objectives & time frames
Deliver treatment and personalised exercise programme
Discuss & advise on prevention of recurrence

treatment for sports injuries

Treatment for sports injuries may involve specialised exercise equipment such as isokinetics, balance boards and sport specific routines to enhance the recovery process. Patients may also be referred to specialist contacts should injuries require further investigation or surgical management. Great emphasis is placed upon the prevention of a re-occurrence of the injury, so a patient's sporting activity is not impeded in the future.

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First4physio delivers a sympathetic approach from skilled practitioners experienced in the treatment of sports injuries.
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